A Meaningful Tribute

Funeral Merchandise and Memorialization Options for Your Loved One.

As you browse through our selection of funeral merchandise, we want you to feel confident that you are making the best choices to honor your loved one’s life. Our funeral home offers a variety of options to choose from, including caskets, urns, and burial vaults.

We’re With You Every Step of The Way

Our team of caring professionals is available to help you navigate the selection process and make informed decisions that meet your preferences. We are committed to providing exceptional service and products to honor your loved one’s life and legacy.



Our caskets are available in a range of materials, including hardwood, metal, and eco-friendly options, ensuring that we can accommodate your preferences and budget. Additionally, we offer personalized caskets with custom embroidery or engraved designs to create a unique and meaningful tribute.



For those who choose cremation, we offer a wide selection of urns, including traditional urns made of metal, wood, or ceramic, as well as modern and artistic options that reflect your loved one’s personality and interests. We also offer keepsake urns that allow you to keep a small portion of your loved one’s remains close to you.



we understand that a permanent memorialization can provide comfort and a lasting tribute to your loved one. We offer personalized markers and monuments that can be customized to reflect your loved one’s unique personality and life story. We also offer a variety of keepsakes, such as jewelry and memory boxes, to provide a tangible connection to your loved one.



Our casket vaults are designed to withstand the test of time and are built to last. We use only the most advanced sealing technology and top-quality materials to ensure that your loved one’s casket remains protected and secure for years to come.


Make the planning process easier for your loved ones. Learn more about our pre-planning services and take control of your legacy.

What is Pre-Planning, or Pre-Arrangement?

When you plan in advance, you are making choices now based on your wishes as to how your final arrangements will be carried out. Thus, you can reduce family concerns at the time of your death.

What do I need to do to pre-plan?

At your convenience, you can meet with a member of our staff to discuss your options and your preferences. When you make arrangements in advance, you’ll want to consider your site of choice, the committal service, and the type of permanent memorial. By making some or all of these decisions now, you give your family peace of mind, and also benefit financially.

What are the advantages of advanced planning?

There are many advantages when you take care of your final arrangements in advance. The most obvious benefit is financial, but there are a number of emotional benefits, too. When you make arrangements in advance you have a better opportunity to make informed choices. If you decide to pre-pay, you guarantee today’s prices, and can take advantage of affordable payment plans. We can provide additional professional advice on pre-planning and pre-paying.

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