Monuments by Chiles-Laman

Monuments by Chiles-Laman offers a lasting tribute to a life well-led. We have bronze Monuments and a virtually unlimited combination of shapes, lettering, styles, symbols and colors of quality granite. Our directors will help you select the option that best meets your needs.

Deciding to purchase a memorial for a loved one is a very personal decision. When it comes at a time of deep emotion, it should never be undertaken in haste or under pressure. Furthermore, it’s probably something you’ve never done before, so we are pleased to offer our help and guidance.

How Soon Do I Need To Purchase My Memorial?

There is no rush to purchase your memorial. So often in today’s world of high pressure, aggressive sales tactics, a monument salesman can lose sight of the circumstances surrounding your recent loss of a loved one. Chiles-Laman understands that it’s important for you to wait for your life to return to some sense of normalcy, and that this could take several weeks, or longer. A memorial is a one-time purchase that will last forever, and we will never rush you. When you are ready, the compassionate directors at Chiles-Laman are here to help you make the right memorial choices.

How Do I Create A Personalized, One-Of-A-Kind Memorial?

Chiles-Laman firmly believes that your memorial should reflect your wishes. While we will show you an array of Monuments with traditional designs, we will work with you to learn your wishes and explain your options. As long as we abide by cemetery regulations, ALL other options are only limited by creativity and budget. Your monument can be a truly unique work of art if that is your wish. Together, we will explore your desires and get a professional rendering from memorial artists that will bring life to your tribute. A unique life truly deserves a unique memorial.

Is The Quality And Durability Of My Memorial Dependent On Price?

Absolutely not! In fact, all of the granites used to make Monuments in this country meet the same standards for quality and durability. Price is determined by several factors, but none relate to quality or durability. The size of your memorial, the number of finished or polished surfaces, and shipping costs will directly affect the price. Another factor is what the industry refers to as clarity. Simply put, the memorial surface must conform to a standard of uniformity in terms of color and texture. Non-variegated granites cannot display knot or clumps of color. If they do, that piece is rejected. Unfortunately, the cost of quarrying, cutting, and polishing the rejected piece is added to the cost of the pieces that are used, making them more expensive. Certain granite colors are more likely to experience this knotting or clumping, and therefore, the pieces actually used are more expensive than other granites.

Does Memorial Size Matter Much?

When it comes to designing a memorial, your choices are almost limitless. However, depending on the location of your lots in the cemetery, there may be some restrictions regarding style, size, and finish. We are familiar with these requirements and will fully explain them to you. Chiles-Laman will make sure that the memorial you choose will be allowed in the section in which your lots are located.

How Broad Are My Options?

When it comes time to purchase a memorial, very few people have had previous experience. If not properly counseled, the choices can be overwhelming. Chiles-Laman’s directors have the experience and training to lead you through these choices in a way that will make it easy to arrive at the proper decisions regarding your memorial. In fact, we will show you a drawing of how the choices you make will look in the overall final memorial design before you agree to purchase.

How Do I Know I Am Receiving The Best Value?

Comparison shopping is good, but it only works if you compare apples to apples. Unfortunately, when comparing Monuments from one company to another, it is easy to end up comparing apples to oranges. We will do our best to explain why different granites have different prices. We will clearly specify any additional charges relating to any options you have chosen. But most of all, we will get you the best price for your memorial while taking into consideration all of the wishes you have expressed. We purchase granite produced by the largest quarrying and fabrication companies in the world. We can assure you that you will be getting the best memorial value for your money.